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Hiking in Neuffen, Germay

View from hiking course

Since we are planning to climb Mt.Rinjani (3,726m) next month, second highest volcano in Indonesia, we wanted to make some pre hiking to get ready for the tough hike. This summer, German has been rainy and cold and there were not much weekends we could go for hiking. This Saturday was the last hot summer day and in the morning I thought it is the perfect day for the hike. Well, I thought. I just didn’t expect it would get 39 degrees during the day.

green green green :)

green green green 🙂

Neuffen is a small city with 6,085 residents in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is famous for the castle on top of the mountain (734m) call  Hohenneuffen. It was not ideal height for practice but there are no high mountains around our city so instead of going high, we decided to going long. Planned route was 20km.

Hohenneuffen, a old castle lying on top of the mountain

Hohenneuffen, a old castle lying on top of the mountain

We arrived closest station around 11:00 and temperature got higher and higher. It was so hot that I was already sweating like hell even before reaching the start point of the hiking route. It took us about one hour to went up to the Hohenneuffen. This castle was built between 1100 and 1120 and used as defense purpose during war. Currently it is opened for public for free and it is possible to come up by car and enjoy beer at the beer garden on top of the Hohenneuffen with great view.

Paraglider landing to Neuffen

Paraglider landing to Neuffen

City of Neuffen from the castle

City of Neuffen from the castle

After eating an ice cream and took some rest, we departed for the long hiking course. It was long with not much up and down. There were some view points during course and there were spacious grassland between. It was a strange feeling that you walk through the forrest with not much visibility and suddenly you come out to the grassland where I could see horizon. It was usually no problem for me at all to walk long distance but this day was different. For the first time during hike I thought I want to go home. It was scary we walked 2 hours more and found we were not even at 1/3 of the hiking route.  What cheered me up was the chipmunks and cute bees on the flowers.

We met chipmunk family in Neuffen!

We met chipmunk family!

Cute bee on the flower

Cute bee on the flower

In the end we walked 6 hours for 18km. We  skipped the last small round but it was OK. It makes me always good when I look back what I have done. The castle was so far away….yes we made it.

Looking back the starting point

Looking back the starting point

We are planning another hike the coming weekend too! hope it will not get too hot…

Thank you for reading 🙂 Arigato


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