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Hiking in Austrian Alps

After a small hike  in Neuffen last weekend, we decided to go for 2 days this week. This is the first over night hiking after I moved to Germany.  Our target was to enjoy the view and also to get used to going up and down for coming hiking in Mt.Rinjani in Indonesia. This trip turn to be full of surprises 🙂

Day1 – 1032m climb

Start of journey

German weather is famous for unpredictable, but the day started with perfect weather. From Stuttgart Germany, where we live, to Kleiwalsertal Austria, the start point of hike, is 22o km away. Driving southern Germany in Summer, you will meet cows eating grass, people riding horses and cute German houses.

Start – Hintere Gemstelhütte for Lunch 1h

There are not much to say, we simply are amazed how beautiful the nature is. One thing I can say is that I definitely miss English words for describing this view. This first 1 hour is for all level hikers. There were many elderly people to come up to the lodge to enjoy the view, sausages and beer. I usually don’t drink much but I love this one drink during hike.

It was nice to hear bell sound from cow on the way. They look so relaxed.

Cows enjoying fresh grass

Hintere Gemstelhütte – Mindelheimer Hütte 4.5h

After the lunch starts the real part of climbing. This Alps is perfect  for people who likes to walk with view. Unlike asian mountains where most of the time you walk in the woods, here you are walking along the edge of the mountain so there are always great view in front of you. But maybe this is not so easy for people who is afraid of height.

It it tough but small flowers will cheer you up

Flower in front of mountain

Flower in front of mountain

Also, the view in front of you

Even higher!

Even higher!


1st Surprise : Steinbock (Alpine ibex) !!
Look who we met! Steinbock families! Alpine ibex or Steinbock, according to Wikipedia, is a species of wild goat that lives in the mountains of the European Alps. They are not afraid of people at all and we were a bit scared because they are directly on our way.

Male Steinbock looking at us

Female Steinbock

2nd Surprise : Sleeping under the table for 5 EUR !!
So, we finally reached our sleeping place. We booked at the last moment and we didn’t receive any confirmation mail before we departed. They told us that the hutte is booked out for three weeks and there are only 5 places left. 3 are on top of the table and 2 are under the table. I never thought I would sleep on the floor under the table.

View from the Hutte

View from the Hutte

Day 2 – 837m climb and 943m down

The night on the floor was horrible. It was in the entrance room of the hutte so, people come in and out constantly. Every time people walk, it felt like earthquake and people are not like in Japan be very silent and not to wake other people up. BUT, it’s definitely worth it.

Good morning!

Good morning!

2nd day is a long down and there was tough up in the end. There were some scary places that mountain road is not in good condition. It was funny how I fast could walk when I felt there is no way to fall and how slow I was when I felt the fear. It is pure mental and I still need some time to cope with the fear.

Tiny pond in the middle of the mountain

Tiny pond in the middle of the mountain

The toughest part comes in the end. We had to climb up the mountain to get to the gondola station. But again, the sound of the bell tells you, cows are close. They are so relaxed.

Hello there!

Hello there!

Talking nap

Talking nap

Last Surprise: Music music music!

After we finally arriving at the gondola station, there was a concert by traditional german brass band. People were singing and dancing (Unfortunately we had no more power left..).

Cheers everybody!

Cheers everybody!

How cute the hats are!

How cute are the hats!

Over all, it was a tough hike but with a lot of joy. We will definitely come back!!




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