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Becoming a diver in Gili Meno

Gili Meno is the calmest Island among 3 Gili Islands (Trawangan, Air and Meno) near Bali and Lombok. If you like simple, minimal and silence, Gili Meno is just for you. We’ve been in this Island for 7 days (16-23 Sep 2016) and all tourists we’ve met had kind of same mentality. Calm and relaxed. Mostly couples between late 20’s to 50’s with backpacks. It is definitely worth a visit for true relaxation. Unlike staying in Bali or Lombok, you feel you are completelly into local society. The island has beautiful beaches. Sea is very calm and clear so it is perfect for snorkel, swimming and diving. Inspired by my favorite blogger and my friends, me and my husband decided to take our life adventure into ocean.

Turquoise blue and white beach.

Turquoise blue and white beach near harbor of Gili Meno

East side of Gili Meno is kind of center of the Island. There are the main horbor, restaurants, ATMs, hotels and the only supermarket we’ve seen. Gili Meno Map
The center area is maybe 300m long. As soon as you leave the center area, you will have calm, silent beach. In the night it is so dark, but moon and starts are waiting for you.

Clear water, sun shine, and silence

Clear water, sun shine, and silence. 10 minutes walk from center of Gili Meno

West side is even more calm with view of sun set. It is very nice to watch sundown from cafes on the beach. For staying more than 3 days, I would recommend east side to stay so you have choice of different places to eat at night.

Sunset from beach of Gili Meno

Sunset from beach of Gili Meno

You can explore the island on foot or by bicycle. By walking, it takes one hour to go around the island.  It is nice to walk around but the only problem is the heat. So, if you really like to move around the island,  probably better with bicycles (we rented our bicycle at shop opposite to harbor) .
This Island are also paradise for cats and chickens. No dog. Not a single one. Chickens are the most popular meet you get. No pork. Rarely beef. By the end of our trip, we could’t eat egg nor chickens anymore…because it is in every meal…


The best way to access Gili Meno is  from Lombok. It is also reachable from Bali but it takes 3 hours by speed boat.
From Lombok to Gili Meno is 10 minutes by boat. Price is 85,000 IRP. Be sure to go to official harbor otherwise you may have trouble (for detail, please check my previous post).
From harbor of Gili to your hotel, you can either walk or use horse wagon.

Diving in Gili Meno

We started our ocean adventure at Blune Marlin Gili Meno, a diving school offering open water diving course in Gili Meno. If you want to dive in Gili Meno, this school is the best choice. Great instructors with passions and humor. Many students and experiences of open water diving course.

Open water diving corse was 3days long including 4 dives and leaning knowledge. In the beginning I though 7 days are maybe too long in Gili Meno, but these 3 days we were at diving school from 9a.m. t0 7.p.m. We spent most of our time with a cute couple from Germany. I’ve never met so many Germans out of Germany in my life. I think half of the tourist of Gili Meno are German. Seriously.
After I burned myself completely in the pool session(my face and arm went from yellow to brown in few hours), time has come for the 1st dive in ocean. I was pretty scared but feeling of breathing under the sea and meeting great sea life was jus amazing…
It took me long time to get used to be in the see. At our 5th dive, there was finally a moment where I felt no stress.

There are many diving spots around Gili islands. All spots are reachable in 5 to 15 minutes from harbor of Gili Meno.  Visibility was around 20m and water temperature was about 28 C.
Our favorite spots were Turtle Heaven and Bounty wreck. Turtle heaven, due to many turtles, of course, and Bounty wreck due to number of fishes there.

Many diving spots around Gili Meno

Many diving spots around Gili Meno

What kind of sea life can I expect? 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any pictures because I didn’t have any room to think about taking picture. I had to fully concentrate on breathing, looking for fishes and catching up with my team (reducing air pressure of ears by holding nose and blowing air into it).  BUT, I found here a nice video on Youtube (I think video was taken mostly in Trawangan. Meno has much less people than in this video). Hope you can enjoy and feel how it is to dive in Gili Islands.



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