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Where to eat at Gili Meno

On east side of Gili Meno, there are plenty of restaurants. During one week in Gili Meno, we’ve been to several restaurants. Basically all restaurants we’ve been serves good Indonesian food. Here is our best 3 ! 🙂

1. Dinner at  ANA Warung Bungalows

Location ★★★☆☆
Food ★★★☆☆
Atmosphere ★★★★★

15 minutes walk from harbor of Gili Meno, this restaurants offers excellent choice of Indonesian food, fresh seafood BBQ and western food. Food were all tasty and very cheep. My favorite is  chicken curry.What we liked the most was atmosphere of this restaurant. Especially at night. Right in front of the ocean, under Alang-alang roof (roof with palm reefs) and warm lights, you can enjoy food with calm and relaxed mood. There are around  10 tables in the front  and 3 bamboo huts behind table area. Our favorite place was to sit on bamboo floor in the hut to eat and drink. Easily to spend 2 hour hear. Best for Dinner time.

2. Lunch at YAYA Warung

Location ★★★★☆
Food ★★★★☆
Atonosphere ★★★★☆

10 minutes  walk from harbor of Gili Meno, this small and completely “chilled” restaurant is always full with people eating, drinking and talking. Chickens running around during day and not so tidy but somehow it is cozy. Portion was quite small but taste is excellent. Had best Mi Goreng here.


3. Dinner at Tropical Hideway Resort

Location ★★★★☆
Food ★★★★☆
Atonosphere ★★★★☆

When you are tired of chicken, egg and rice, here is the best place to go. As our diving instructor told us, here offers the best steak! It is 5 minutes walk from harbor. Go into street next to Blue Marlin Diving Center, walk 3-5 minutes you will see entrance of Tropical hide way resort on your right side. We had only one time chance to eat here but from the quality of steak, we are sure other food are tasty too. Should have fount it earlier. It was too dark to take picture of the resort, so I brought image from

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