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Where to eat in Iwaki, Japan

This article is dedicated to my friend Dominik and Lina who are going to work in Iwaki, a small city in Japan. There are not much information in English about where to eat in Iwaki so hear I come! I was living in Iwaki for 5 years and had enough time to try and find nice place to eat.

1. Yakitori Ohako(十八番)

This is a very cozy and tasty Yakitori restaurant. Me and my husband went nearly every week. Varians of Yakitori and it is super tasty. And its cheap. Nowonder always packed with local people.
Must try : minzed chicken ball sauce (つくねタレ)
chicken tail (ぼんじり),pork belly Yakitori(豚バラ)
Price : 2000 – 3,000 JPY / person
English menu : No but there is pictures and there are staff who can speak Englsih.
Reservation : Necessary, especially Friday and Saturday

2. Sushiro(スシロー)

The famous go-around Sushi chain. Thare are two Sushiro in Iwaki. One in Tamachi area and one in Kashima area. There are also big sushi chain call Kappa sushi but Sushiro has more varaiety and tasts better.
Must try:  Shrimp cheese, Shrimo cheese basil.
Salmon cheese,  Shrimp avocado
Price : 1000 JPY /person
English menu : Yes (If I remember correct)
Reservation : No need

3. Jagaimo Kazoku (ジャガイモ家族)

Jyagaimo Kazoku

Jagaimo kazoku means potato family. They offers variants of potato menu. It is own by a family and this shop makes your heart very warm. Food is excellent.
Must try : potato croquette (コロッケご飯)
potato gratin with sausage and mochi(ソーセージ、お餅が入ったやつ)
Salad with potato and spinach (じゃがいもとほうれん草のシャキシャキサラダ)
English menu : No
Price : 1,500 JPY /person
Reservation : No need

4. Plunima (プルニーマ)

Famous curry shop in Iwaki with Indian owner called BABA-san. Curry and huge Nan will surely satisfy you. If you like hot food, here is also for you. You can always ask him to make curry as hot as you like. It might clean your whole stomach. The only problem here is that waiting time is long after ordering. 30 to 60 minutes.
Must try : Coconut curry, Black sesami nan
English menu : Yes
Price : 2000 – 3000 JPY /person
Reservation : No need

5. Marukame Seimen (丸亀製麺)

Feel like noodle today? Go for this Udon restaurant. It is a famous Udon chain in Japan. It is super cheep, yet delicious and healthy.
Must try : Noodle with egg and fish egg (かまたまうどん)
It sounds wired but tastes really good. Order Onsen egg otherwise they put raw egg.
Also, please use special sauce on the table and mix well it before you eat.
Vegetable Tempura
English menu : No but there are pictures.
Price : 300 – 700 JPY / person
Reservation : No need

6. Mos burger (モスバーガー)

This is a Japanese burger chain. Much higher quality compare to the famous american burger chain. When you want something easy, come here.
Must try : Teriyaki burger set
English menu : No but there are pictures
Price : 700 JPY / person
Reservation : No need

7. Yokohama Ramen (横浜らーめん)

A famous Tonkotsu Ramen shop. Soup is super thick and you won’t be able to stop eating. Be careful not to eat too often because it is far away from healthy. Time to time it is good to enjoy tasty Ramen.
English menu : No
Price : 700 JPY/person
Reservation : No need

8. Azumakuni (吾妻国)

This is the only place in Iwaki you can enjoy Chanko Nabe. It is a hot pot usually eaten by Sumo. Very nutritious with many different ingredients and of course very tasty.
Order for one person of hot pot is way enough for two.
Must try : Miso chanko (味噌ちゃんこ)
English menu : No
price : 2,000 to 3,000 JPY/person
Reservation : No need

9. Yakiniku Kashima (焼肉鹿島)

Mood for meat? This is our favorite Yakiniku restaurant in Iwaki. Meet is tasty and it is very wallet friendly. It is always crowded with local people.
Must try : Karubi (カルビ)
Price: 2,000 to 3,000 JPY/person
Reservation : Necessary

10. Shun (旬)


This is a very nice Izakaya (Japanese drinking place with variety of Japanese food) with a lot of fish menu. Very good quality. It is a small and cozy shop. You have to take off your shoes and sit on the tatami to eat.
Must try : Sashimi mix 3 (刺身盛り合わせ3種)
Mehikari Tempura (目ひかりのてんぷら)
Price : 3,000 to 4,000 JPY/person
Reservation : Necessary

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A Chinese girl grew up in Japan, now living and working in Germany. I love eating, traveling and many other different things. My goal is to simply listen to my heart and not to limit myself. Welcome to my adventure :)


  1. Chiaki chan my dear. How are you doing? How is Stuttgart life treating you?
    Hope you are doing well!
    Today Lena will join me and I am in the train to Ueno to pick her up.

    See you soon and thank you for all the food tips!


    • Domikun!!!!! I’m good! Chrismas market is very nice here. Today! She already left Germany!? Wow, time passes so fast. We will see us in March and let me know when you need help. You are super welcome!
      Have a great time and big kiss and hug for both of you!


  2. Chiaki-san!! These are really nice food recommendations! Thank you so much! I will try to make Domi-kun to go to every single one of them with me 🙂 I am very excited and I love the food here in Japan! Danke!
    hugs und küsschen from us!


    • Lena-chan! You are super welcome 🙂
      Wish you a wonderful Christmas and great end of this year 😀😚
      Miss you both!!! Enjoy Japan!


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