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Birthday & Photo Weekend in Detmold

Last weekend was a birthday of my father-in-law. He lives in a tiny little city Detmold with 74300 habitats . German people tells me people usually don’t go there unless parents lives there, but actually I find it very very attractive 🙂  Unfortunately, sky was gray and heavy as a common German autumn day, but this cute town made me singing inside.

Aren't these houses are super pretty?

Aren’t these houses are super pretty?

I am in love with these walls!


For the birthday dinner, we went to steak restaurant and look how cute the inside, too!!

From Stuttgart, where I live, to Detmold is 500km. On the way there is a city called Paderborn where is the closest shopping and restaurant spot near Detmold (twice bigger than Detmold).
Paderborn Cathedral is something worth to see when you are around here.

Paderborn Cathedral

Paderborn Cathedral

Butcher's stuck in front of the Cathedral

Butcher’s stuck in front of the Cathedral

Also, not forget to mention how much I ate and how delicious the food was…I guess every country is the same when you go visit your parents. My mom-in-law made so much food and we were basically keep eating 24 hours. Thanks mom & dad for all the love !!

Detmold also gives the best curry wurst according to my husband 🙂
20161105_130608 20161105_130916

Fmm, I am getting hungry AGAIN.
Time to eat!!

Have a nice Sunday 🙂

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A Chinese girl grew up in Japan, now living and working in Germany. I love eating, traveling and many other different things. My goal is to simply listen to my heart and not to limit myself. Welcome to my adventure :)


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