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World’s biggest Christmas Market – Stuttgart 2016

Finally Christmas vacation!!! From November I started a small side business and these two months were just rushing through. Couldn’t find time to update my blog but now finally!
This is my first winter in Germany and Christmas Market made me definitely happy in these busy and gray days. Luckily Stuttgart, where I live, offers the biggest Christmas market in the world and more than 250 shops are creating speechless atmosphere. This is must see if you are visiting Germany in winter time.

Every year, there is a contest to decide the most beautifully decorated shop. So each shop is bringing their best decoration. For people who loves taking foto wont’t be able to take hands from camera.


Chirstmas markets are selling all the stuff related to Christmas.
House shoes, cleaning gadgets, ornaments, candles, hats….so on and so on.

20161209_183657 20161209_182003
20161209_200444 20161209_184758

And of course hot wine!!! (Glühwein in German)
and of course food!!!
I am from Japan so naturally I was attracted more by fishes 🙂

Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!


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